On the Run by Thomas Sanders

Words can not express how much I loved making this vine…

Anonymous asked:
Shouldn't you get paid extra for working on a holiday? I get x1.5 on holidays

We don’t get paid extra to work on Christmas or Thanksgiving or Memorial Day or any other holiday either

I love labor day because it means I get to work 11 hours straight for minimum wage while all of the ppl w/cushy jobs get a paid day off and then on top of it I’m gonna get paid on Thursday instead of Wednesday it’s great I love this country it’s GREAT


I hate school because it’s that time of the year where you realize you aren’t just ugly, you’re also stupid.

Nicki Minaj - Selfie queen

Look at this perfect child

Anonymous asked:
Re: your "rule about naked people" -- How about people who take nude photos of themselves not be stupid and use storage devices that can be hacked, like cloud storage (or take any risks close to that)? Just HOW much personal responsibility does your generation need to shed before you get it through your thick skulls that it only costs $20 for a decent external hard drive these days? :|



"The lock on your diary wasn’t very good, so it’s your fault I read your diary."

i reblogged this so fast i thought tumblr broke for a second



These ice bucket challenges are getting more and more interesting.

the flattened nose, I can’t stop laughing



These ice bucket challenges are getting more and more interesting.

the flattened nose, I can’t stop laughing


Me: Mom I don’t think I am getting any better, I still feel sick…



A girl from each of the present nations (excluding the Air Nomads) had a crush on Sokka: Suki and Toph from the Earth Kingdom, Yue from the Water Tribes and Ty Lee from the Fire Nation.



Remember Champ, the happiest dog in the world? His owner, Candice Sedighan, just shared with us a new series of photos she’s taken of the adorable dog and his new found friends. Recently, Candice ran into a man who was holding chicks in a box. “He asked me if I think any factories would want them, but I offered to take them instead so I could find them a safer home. I bought all the necessary supplies to keep them comfortable and healthy for a few days, and will be donating them to a local college’s teaching farm.” See more photos of Champ and his adventures via Instagram.



i got this shirt and it has this weird ruffled hood / neck so i can wear it like this


but if its gets cold i can also put it over my mouth and nose like this


and when it rains i can use it as a hoodie


and when i need to attend an emergency kkk meeting it works too


and i can also pretend to be the pixar lamp



a complete review of Nicki Minaj’s new single “Anaconda”


Okay if you were at a convention in the Artist Alley and you saw someone selling squid and jellyfish plushies, would anyone consider buying them?
I’m thinking I want to start selling some online and maybe getting a booth for Katsu or Anime Boston next year

I can also make octopus plushies with suction cups on the tentacles so they can stick to windows and stuff uwu